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you are free to enjoy the bible. 

Stories are the best. A good story will change our lives. A good story will show you what’s possible in the world. They’ll give you courage. They’ll make you tender. A good story doesn’t close you off, it leaves you open and eager for others. They’ll leave you with saying thanks, and wanting more.

I’ve always found the stories in the Bible to be good stories. And yet, most of my friends don’t care for them. Even my religious ones. Maybe it’s because reading the Bible means overcoming 2,000+ years of language, culture, and history. Or maybe they’ve tried to read the Bible but always felt pressed to come away with "the right" message from it. Worst of all, some of us have only heard the Bible as it was being used manipulate or shame us.

I want to set us all free to enjoy and understand the Bible. A little history, a little language, and a little theology can open up a lot of beauty in the pages. So, here’s “Lo-Fi Lectionary” – a raw and stripped-down podcast that tells the stories of the Bible for the religiously burned-out and the spiritually curious. If you’re interested in the Bible, or have wondered why so many other people have been, come along - it’ll be fun.

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