The Stations of the Cross - for Downtown Flagstaff

Hi Friends,

Years ago while Sarah and I were living in Philadelphia, we were part of a really great community of folks that called themselves Circle of Hope. One year, they decided to host a Stations of the Cross, but instead of doing it inside a church building, they hosted it outside, and wrote up a guide to works of art and murals around Kensington that generated our reflection together. It was an amazing experience.

I lodged that idea away in my mind, and this year I had the time and energy to write one for us in Flagstaff - so here it is, the Stations of the Cross for Downtown Flagstaff. All the scripture comes from Luke, and I added a short meditation and breath prayer for each one. 

I hope you dig it! It's my hope that next year a couple of us can come together and revise it - it will only get better and better with more of you involved in it. 

Let me know what you think!

I pray that you encounter the Christ who loved us all the Way to the cross.

Download it HERE (right click, and "save as")

**Also, my dream is to write up versions for Kids/Parents, and a non-specific-to-Flag version - if you'd like either one, contact me! It'll be good motivation :)